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eliteblondes's Journal

Elite Blondes
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An elite icon challenge community featuring Blondes only!
.elite blondes
about Welcome to Elite Blondes! This is an elite challenge community for all blonde actors/actresses/presenters/musicians etc. It is by invitation only, to become a member you must apply and be judged. We will only accept people whose icons are unique, creative and of a high standard.

rules There will be a challenge set every week by the mods and the members will post their entries in a new post in the community. Challenges will run from Sunday pm till Saturday am when voting will be posted. Members and non members can vote. When applying, make the subject of the post "Blondes are adored. Brunettes are ignored" so we know you've read the rules. Apply to THIS POST ONLY.


- application post
- affiliate post
- friend the community

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